Environmental Friendly Driving

Environmental Pollution;

The disturbance of the natural environmental resulting directly and indirectly from human activities, often involving substances being in the wrong place, at the wrong time , in the wrong amounts and in the wrong physical and chemical forms. In other words environmental pollution is the unfavorable alteration of our surroundings. Wholly or largely as a byproduct of man’s action, through direct or indirect changes in energy patterns, radiation levels, chemical and physical conditions and abundance of organisms.

Causes of pollution

The cause and source of pollution are many, ranging from atmospheric emissions associated with the burning of fossil fuels to the application of fertilizers and pesticides, from the discharge of domestic and industrial effluent into rivers and other water bodies to the generation of intolerable noise levels.



The results of pollution are diverse ranging from the creation of acid rain to the rising of see level, from the breathing or disruption of food chains to the hazarding of human health.


As we are mostly concern with pollution caused by automotive.

Pollution caused by automobile is the air pollution and the sound pollution.


Being a part of this society there are some serious responsibilities on all of us. We must consider our forth-coming generations and try to leave clean atmosphere for them to breathe in.  Every one of us can contribute in this Nobel purpose by considering eco-friendly vehicles, like; hybrid and  electric vehicles.

Here are some tips for you as driver to play your role and help in preventing atmospheric pollution caused by vehicles on the road today.


  •  Avoid Fast Start  
  •  Avoid revving Engine before taking off
  • Don’t Play with accelerator while waiting
  • Avoid Frequent braking and re-acceleration  
  • Avoid driving constantly at fast speed  
  • Avoid driving too long with pulled out choke  
  • Change to high gears in good time  
  • Remove unnecessary load from the vehicle  
  • Avoid busy roads (Jams)  
  • Switching off when waiting for long time  
  • Automatic cars, Don’t use kick-down facility  
  • Check regularly your fuel consumption  
  • Avoid unnecessary trips  
  • Form car pools 


  •  Use correct tyres (radial/diagonal)  
  • Avoid having excessively high idling speed  
  • Replace Spark plugs in good time  
  • Don’t drive with an air filter which is very dirty  
  • Check the adjustments of fuel system  
  • Checking the adjustment of ignition system  
  • Check regularly your engine timing  
  • pay attention on black exhaust smoke 

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