Driving is NOT Recommended

If You Are Tired or Sleepy!!

Driving is NOT Recommended

Driving is;  A luxury, It gives independence, It’s a convenient means of transportation.

While keeping all these plus points in mind we still can not ignore the rate of occurrence of accidents on the roads today, which makes it quit unsafe. Its really petty that most of the drivers think that they are both safer and skillful than the average driver, but we can not all be perfect. In more than 90% of traffic accidents, human error is the main cause, accidents do not just happen by chance they are the consequence of the unsafe driving practice. Most drivers involved in accidents do not accept that they contributed to it. Everyone does not have the courage to be self-critical and learn from the experience to improve what had missed on that unfortunate time.

Being realistic is the key factor and a positive attitude towards self improvement, its true a lot of driving errors can lead us to unpleasant results. At the same time we should not forget that drivers physical and emotional state of health which also contribute a lot in traffic safety, if a driver is exhausted he can lead himself and other road users to danger.

Recent researches done in many countries, reveals that approximately 25-30% of automobile collisions result from driver fatigue.

Sleepiness may adversely affect your alertness and ability to drive safely. Fatigue related collisions occur at high speeds and can result in head-on collisions with other vehicles or stationary objects. The chance for fatalities is very high.

Keep Reading and drive safe.  See you in the next post…

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